The Five Steps To Overcome Imposter Syndrome



You're not ready

It's already been done

What will everyone think?

You don't know enough to be here!

WHO ARE YOU to think you can do that?!?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you have been impacted by imposter syndrome. 

Before anything else, I want you to know - YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

At least 70% of people experience imposter syndrome, but no one talks about it, so you think you're the only one feeling like a total fraud and fooling everyone.

You're not.

Imposter syndrome shows up in sneaky ways, like making you feel like you're not ready for that new job or leadership role or starting your own business.

Imposter syndrome says you don't know enough to go after the big client or share your idea in a meeting.

It tells you that you're not enough of an expert to write a book or get on stage or start a podcast. I mean, who would want to listen to you anyway?!? And hasn't it all been done before? What can you add that's new?

It urges you to keep working until you drive yourself into the ground because you have to prove yourself over and over.

It's the voice in your head worrying that any day they're going to find out you don't actually know what you're doing, come tap you on the shoulder, and escort you out the building.

Imposter syndrome says you're not enough.


You are amazing and brilliant and completely enough every second of every day.

You just need the tools to calm down imposter syndrome and get back in touch with your brilliant self so you can have the life you desire and use your gifts to make the biggest difference to the people around you.

The five steps you'll learn in the course will do just that. Here they are:

1. Quiet the inner critic

2. Find your true inner voice

3. Recover fast when doubt strikes

4. Get clear on your strengths

5. Act when you don't feel confident


It's time.

It's time to stop letting doubt and fear and imposter syndrome get in the way of the life you want.

It's time to share your unique voice.

It's time to let your bold, brilliant, beautiful self free in the world.


Let this course show you how.

Welcome! I'm glad you're here!


"I knew fear was holding me back from what I really wanted to do. After attending Heather's course on imposter syndrome, I immediately took steps to launch my first wellness workshop. Since I took the course four months ago, not only have I implemented TEN wellness workshops, I came up with another concept of offering sound healing & these sessions are selling out with waitlist."

Dawn Brunn
Founder, abunDANCE Wellness


The course is broken into six chapters you'll do entirely at your own pace. You can access all the content on your computer, tablet or phone so you can take the course from anywhere. Each chapter includes a video plus exercises and tools you can use immediately to let go of doubt and imposter syndrome.

Chapter One: The Basics

This isn't officially one of the 5 steps, but you'll get all the info on exactly what imposter syndrome is, when is shows up, and how it impacts you. Get your favorite cup of coffee and grab a pen - you'll want to take notes for this one!

Chapter Two: Quiet The Inner Critic

You know that super fun negative, ruminating voice in your head? The one that says you're not good enough, you don't know enough, and you need to work harder? That's the inner critic. And it's time to learn how to QUIET IT DOWN.

Chapter Three: Find Your True Inner Voice

Your true inner voice is the opposite of the inner critic. It's your inner knowing and your highest self. You'll learn how to tap into this voice so you can trust yourself and take action.

Chapter Four: Recover Fast When Doubt Strikes

The key to mastering doubt is to recover fast when it strikes. Create your own personal doubt recovery toolkit so you can let go of doubt in a few minutes or hours instead of letting doubt hold you back for days, weeks, or even years. 

Chapter Five: Get Clear On Your Strengths

Knowing what makes you amazing helps you tackle imposter syndrome AND make a huge impact with your work. You'll learn why it's hard to own your strengths and get an exercise to discover your superpowers. You'll also find out the secret to letting go of caring what people think.

Chapter Six: Act When You Don't Feel Confident

Sometimes you have to take action even when the inner critic is having a party in your head and you're filled from head to toe with imposter syndrome. This chapter will teach you how.


As if the six chapters with videos, tools, and exercises weren't enough, you'll also get three fantastic bonuses!

Bonus #1:

Tackling Imposter Syndrome For Entrepreneurs and Creatives

I don't know about you, but imposter syndrome hit me WAY harder as an entrepreneur than it ever did in my corporate career. We'll talk about all the unique ways imposter syndrome shows up for creatives and business owners PLUS several tools to squash doubt the next time it makes an unwanted appearance.

Bonus #2

Mastering Doubt During Career Change

I started speaking about imposter syndrome because I saw it hold so many amazing women back from taking the next step in their career. Don't let this be you! Learn how to apply for the job you really want and calm nerves before and during interviews.

Bonus #3

2-Minute Confidence Boost Meditation

Download this meditation to use anytime you need a quick pick-me-up. Use it to amp up your confidence before a presentation, a challenging phone call, or a meeting with a big client. In just two minutes you'll let go of doubt and feel powerful!

All this for just $47!

"I had the privilege of engaging in Heather’s Imposter Syndrome Workshop in 2019. It was an eye‑opening and emboldening experience. Heather helped me recognize that I am not alone in these feelings of doubt and fear and I don’t have to let them become me. I can overcome them! I am looking forward to continuing my growth, and am thankful for the tools, practices, and workshops Heather provides for my success."

Jessica Diede
Corporate Inclusion & Diversity Specialist

You'll leave the workshop with so much more than information and tools.

You'll walk away knowing your value.
You'll know just how amazing you are.
You'll be full of energy and ready to take on the world.

"After taking Heather Whelpley's imposter syndrome class, I officially launched Affina on social media, which I have been meaning to do for 18 months, but I just hadn’t been able to pull the trigger. I was waiting for PERFECTION. After Heather's course, I realized that it’s never going to be perfect and I have to just DO IT. So, here I go."

Renita Faye
Founder, Affina Design

Hi! I'm Heather

I'm a coach and speaker that works with women to let go of expectations and create their own rules for life.

I believe we need more women's voices in the world. And not the cookie cutter voices – your true, authentic voice.

You know what gets in the way of this?


The inner critic rattles around in your head saying that you're not good enough, you're not ready, you just need one more certification and then you'll finally be qualified.

Let me tell you a little secret. 

The inner critic is LYING.

It's time to stand up and tell the inner critic that it has no place in your life. 

It's time to step into your strengths and OWN YOUR BRILLIANCE.

I've shared these same tools with countless coaching clients and thousands of people inside Fortune 500 companies, universities, and non-profits - and I CAN'T WAIT for you to have them too. Let's go!

More praise for the Five Steps To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

“This class made me feel so empowered. It also motivated me to shift my thinking when I experience self-doubt. I loved this class!”

“I needed this more than ever before and some actions on how to counteract that inner critic that is all too loud in my life.”

“I learned how to believe in myself and know my worth. It also made me realize that I’m not alone in thinking this way.”

“I thought the training was absolutely fantastic. I learned a lot, I felt safe and empowered, and felt it was very valuable reflection both personally and professionally."


Register now!

For just $47 you'll get SIX chapters on overcoming imposter syndrome, each with a video lesson and tools and exercises. PLUS a bonus chapter on mastering doubt during job change, ANOTHER bonus chapter on tackling imposter syndrome as an entrepreneur, and YET ANOTHER bonus 2-minute confident boost meditation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You get instant access to six video lessons on how to overcome imposter syndrome:

  • The basics on imposter syndrome
  • Quiet the inner critic
  • Find your true inner voice
  • Recover fast from doubt
  • Get clear on your strengths
  • Act when you don't feel confident

Each lesson is full of tools you can use immediately. You'll also get a guided visioning exercise, a template to create your own personalized doubt recovering toolkit and an exercise to define your superpowers.

PLUS you get three awesome bonuses. Two videos and tools on tackling imposter syndrome for entrepreneurs and creatives and mastering doubt during career change AND a 2-minute confidence boost meditation.

If you sit down and watch the videos from all six chapters at once, the course will take you about 90 minutes, but each video is 5-15 minutes long, so you can easily break it up into small segments. There is also an optional exercise to get clear on your unique strengths that takes extra time, but is well worth it! The bonus videos are each 10-15 minutes long. Everything is self-paced, so can you do as much or as little as you want in a single sitting. And you can return to the content for a refresher whenever you like.

No! You will take the course completely at your own pace. You can decide if you want to sit down and do the entire thing all at once or take it one chapter at at time. I recommend starting the course soon after enrolling, however, because you'll want to start using the tools right away!

You can also come back to the course to review the chapters whenever you like.

Yes! You can download the Kajabi mobile app and access all course content from your phone - and also your laptop, tablet, and desktop. Lots of options!

YES! This course is for anyone struggling with doubt and imposter syndrome, whether you're an employee inside of a company, working for a non-profit or university, or a business owner. 

Nope. All people are invited to take the course and the content applies to all genders. Often imposter syndrome is associated with those that identify as women, but there are plenty of men who experience imposter syndrome. All the tools you'll learn apply equally to everyone!

I have 100% confidence that you will get a TON out of this course, so I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you complete all the content and it doesn't meet your expectations, I will issue you a refund.

Imposter Syndrome Doesn't Have To Hold You Back!

But it's not going away on its own. It's time to stand up, take control of imposter syndrome, and go for what you really want.


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