Ten Ways To Say No Without Apologizing

Saying no is hard. And weird and uncomfortable and totally outside your comfort zone. It's also 100% necessary for your sanity and freedom. And you DON'T need to apologize for it. That's why I created ten scripts you can use to say no to friends, family, colleagues, networking - even your boss. Get it today!

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Hi! I'm Heather Whelpley

I work with overachievers, perfectionists, and people-pleasers to let go of expectations and create their own rules for life. I do this through speaking and workshops, coaching, my first book An Overachiever's Guide To Breaking The Rules: How To Let Go Of Perfect and Live Your Truth. I'm excited for you to get the Ten Ways To Say No Without Apologizing and I have no doubt you'll be able to start using it today! Read my blog and get details about speaking and Beyond Perfect, my small group coaching program, at www.heatherwhelpley.com.
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